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SKU: P017

Brand: Kristallon

Oval Polypropylene Basket

Oval shaped polypropylene table basket which are suitable to be used in the microwave so this is...

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Why Choose Robot Coupe?

We have over 300 Robot Coupe Products in stock and ready for delivery.

It is in France, in the heart of Burgundy, a well-known region for its gastronomy, that Robot-coupe has created more than 40 years ago the Robot-Coupe food processor.

As precursor and incontested leader, Robot-coupe, manufacturer of food preparation equipment, offers a wide range of machines adapted to each professional needs (restaurants, institutions, delicatessens, caterers...).

We have an excellent range of Robot Coupe catering equipment at discount prices including robot coupe veg prep machines, robot coupe food processors, bowl cutters, stick blenders, sorbet and ice cream making machines all supplied with the robot coupe unique 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Robot Coupe Products


Robot Coupe Products

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SKU: RC-2214

Brand: Robot Coupe

CL55E2V LEV 400/50/3 with Stand

CL 55 Pusher Feed Head Three-phase. Power - 1100 Watts. 1 speed 375 rpm or 2 Speeds 375 and 750...

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