Commercial Griddles

A commercial griddle is the heart of any food establishment so make sure you by the best for your needs

Restaurants can benefit greatly from the versatility of commercial griddles as they are capable of preparing a wide variety of popular foods. If your breakfast menu is extensive, a griddle grill allows you to efficiently cook multiple items simultaneously. While one side of the flat top grills crisps up home fries and hash browns, the other side can be used for frying eggs to order. Additionally, pancakes, sausages, and bacon can all be cooked on the griddle, and the heat can be individually adjusted to create areas of low or high temperature on the cook plate. Countertop flat top grills or griddles provide a flexible alternative to freestanding cooktops. By placing the griddle on any available countertop space where access to utilities and ventilation is available, you have the freedom to choose the most convenient location. Furthermore, these griddles can be easily moved for cleaning or reconfiguring your kitchen layout. Our selection of drop-in griddles includes both regular and hibachi-style Teppanyaki griddles. These options feature centrally located heating elements for cooking food, while the cooler outer edges are perfect for warming cooked food. Both types of commercial griddles are designed to be flush-mounted on your existing countertops, making them an excellent space-saving

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