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SKU: P017

Brand: Kristallon

Oval Polypropylene Basket

Oval shaped polypropylene table basket which are suitable to be used in the microwave so this is...

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Waste Disposal Units
Sink Waste Disposal Units, Buy Insinkerator Online | Next Day Catering

Waste Disposal Units

Efficiently and easily dispose of food waste in sinks with these high powered waste disposal units, grinding down food that's left over in your sink to minimise waste and prevent your drains from becoming blocked.

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SKU: CL766

Brand: IMC

IMC Mini Waste Compactor 156Ltr

The MC Mini Compactor series are fully integrated compactors with touch button operation and...

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SKU: CL767

Brand: IMC

IMC Mini Waste Compactor 219Ltr

The IMC Mini Waste Compactor can compact up to 219 litres of uncrushed waste such as plastics...

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