Commercial Chargrills

Cook deliciously succulent meats with attractive branding lines using a professional chargrill.

A commercial chargrill or char-broiler is an essential piece of restaurant equipment that will cook a variety of foods to perfection. You can choose between countertop, modular, and floor model chargrills to suit the specific needs of your bistro, sandwich shop, or diner. Chargrills enable you to achieve a smoky, char-grilled flavour with steaks, chicken, and fish, while also creating appealing grill marks on sandwiches and vegetables. If space is limited in your kitchen and back-of-house areas, a countertop commercial chargrill will conveniently fit on tables or prep counters, saving valuable floor space. On the other hand, floor model restaurant chargrills are larger in size, similar to a range or fryer, and are ideal for larger diners or steakhouses. Finally, modular top chargrills can be directly installed into your countertop, allowing you to customize your cooking space.

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