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SKU: P017

Brand: Kristallon

Oval Polypropylene Basket

Oval shaped polypropylene table basket which are suitable to be used in the microwave so this is...

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Ice Machines
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Ice Machines

Your catering establishment probably gets through a lot of ice each year, and our range of ice machines makes it easier to keep on top of the demand of your customers to provide cool and refreshing drinks year round. Whether you need ice for sea food displays, cocktails or beverages, the commercial ice machines we have on offer come at great prices and help to ensure you never run out of ice when you need it. Choose from top brands like Whirlpool, Polar and Foster. We also have ice crushers to enable you to offer refreshing drinks like cocktails and iced tea.

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SKU: GL192

Brand: Polar

Polar Bullet Ice Maker 50kg

Perfect for use in pubs clubs bars retail outlets and other similar premises the Polar...

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