Catering Crockery for Restaurants & Hotels

Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite crockery sets, perfect for both casual and fine-dining establishments. 

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Infuse vibrancy into your dining experience with our colored crockery
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Catering Crockery Brands

Transform your dining experience with our thoughtfully curated crockery sets from, ideal for both casual and fine-dining establishments. Imbued with a commitment to style, durability, and practicality, our collections boast enduring plates, bowls, and cups that elevate your table setting. Enjoy the assurance of a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty on select items, emphasizing our dedication to lasting quality.

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Whether you're in search of the perfect dinner plate, exquisite bowls, or stylish cups, our intuitive categorization ensures a seamless shopping experience. 

Popular Crockery Ranges

From the timeless elegance of Athena Hotelware to the modern allure of the Olympia Whiteware and Linear collections, our popular ranges are designed to elevate your dining experience. 

Leading UK Tableware Brands for Hotels and Restaurants

We stock the best name brands, including Churchill, Steelite and Dudson, Porcelite, Olympia, Terra and supply our customers with the best materials, including china, kristallon, vitrified and super vitrified and melamine. Less expensive ranges are also available in the ever popular eco porcelain or plain melamine and will allow a more affordable selection of crockery without compromising on decoration.

If you are looking for Bulk volume of crockery for larger use catering then please contact us for contract catering pricing, we can offer extra discounts based on volume ordering and we can look after multiple site delivery and next day service is available for large quantity orders.