Catering Equipment Leasing

Lease all your catering equipment with 98% acceptance rate for new and established businesses.

It’s never been easier to Buy your commercial Catering Equipment and Refrigeration using our Easy Lease Application. By using our tried and tested system that has been in operation for over 15 Years we can generate an instant finance quotation for you, either over the phone or using our online catering equipment leasing portal. This is very straight forward, simply choosing the items you wish to lease add them to your basket, checkout and choose request quote by leasing.

This will then be handed on to our finance team who will appoint the best lender for your business needs. You can borrow anything from £750 to £500k and we will do the leg work and shop around for you to find the best deal to suit your circumstances. Our leasing department will call you straight back to get your order completed. We have a 98% Acceptance Rate for all leasing enquiries so you can rest assure you are in safe hands.

See below all the benefits of financing you catering equipment supplies.

We have the most competitive leasing rates on catering equipment from the very best lenders in the country giving you piece of mind that you are in safe hands. Finance can be put in place within a few hours and the goods can be with you in a matter of days. Not for regulated businesses. 

Lease & Save! Unlock a Exclusive £50 gift voucher when you choose leasing as your payment option with a minimum value of £1200 (VAT incl.). The voucher will be issued once your leasing application is accepted.

Calculate Catering Equipment Lease Cost

The lease figures displayed below have been calculated over 24 to 60 month terms and are a guide and subject to status. Terms will be unique to each underwriter and will be provided during application before commencing any agreement.

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Unsecured Borrowing

The equipment that is being leased is the only security that is generally necessary. No property is used as security, however, occasionally the finance company may need Directors Guarantees for some Limited Companies.

Improves Cashflow

Leasing allows you to purchase equipment that is important to your business and keep valuable cash in your bank that may be used for other projects that are not as tax efficient. Its never been easier to afford the catering equipment equipment needed to get you started or to grow your business. We have over 18 yrs experience in providing affordable finance options for our customers from 1k to 50k.

Frequentley Asked Questions

What are the benefits of leasing?
  1. Minimal down payment.
  2. Improves your own Cashflow by using the banks money and keep your own cash
  3. No need to outlay your own money.
  4. No property is used as security in most cases
  5. Let the catering equipment pay for itself 
  6. Primary period to match asset depreciation period.
  7. Leasing rental 100% deductible against tax.
  8. VAT is paid each month on the rental and is therefore effectively deferred.
What is a lease agreement?

Leasing is basically a rental agreement giving you (the lessee) the right to use an asset owned by the lessor (finance company) for a fixed period of time in return for regular payments (rental payments), and is a tried and trusted method of growing a business without reducing it’s cash flow.

Do I need a large down payment?

Typically a large deposit is not necessary. You can start your lease with normally either one or three months rentals in advance.

I need to raise some money, can I finance equipment I already own?

Yes, this is known as sale and leaseback - where one party sells a property to a buyer and the buyer immediately leases the property back to the seller. This arrangement allows the initial buyer to make full use of the asset while not having capital tied up in the asset. Leasebacks sometimes provide tax benefits.

Generally any asset with a proven resale value which can be uniquely identified with a serial number or other form of identification can be used for sale and leaseback.

My credit isn't perfect, will I be able to have a lease?

Past credit issues do not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining a lease. The underwriters will consider many factors such as, how long you have been in business, what equipment you are buying and your current business performance.

What are the end of term options if I lease? Do I own the equipment?

There are a couple of options when you reach the end of your lease.

For Example:

  1. At the end of your lease period the goods are yours
  2. Continue to lease more equipment or renew some of the equipment with a new lease
Why is leasing cash flow friendly?

Leasing allows you to pay affordable monthly payments and spread the equipment cost over its useful life. Purchase means that you are paying for 3 or 4 years use up front. Would you pay an employee's salary, 3 years in advance?

Why lease equipment, rather than buy it?

Leasing technology equipment makes economic sense. It gives you use of the equipment for as long as it's useful to you. Rather than paying for three or four year's use up front, as you do when you buy, you spread the payments over the useful life of the equipment. Also you can expense the payments and you have the flexibility to acquire the latest technology when you need to.

Can there be any issues when borrowing?
  1. May restirct further borrowing from bank lines
  2. All credit subject to status
  3. Catering Equipment Leasing can provide a tax efficient and effective way of funding new equipment providing fixed repayments, minimal deposits and fixed monthly payments.

No matter how big or small your business might be, you will always need equipment and new supplies. Equipment for Catering Leasing is one option that allows you to get the things you need for your business, without having to pay for the items up front.

Our Catering Supplies Leasing dept will search through the UK’S top lenders to find the best rate for your business!

Call us now to discuss leasing options on 0808 108 0028 or proceed to checkout.  Not for regulated businesses.