Commercial Water Boilers / Urns

Browse our extensive selection of  commercial water boilers, tea urns and wall mounted boilers.

Commercial Water boilers and Coffee urns are the perfect solution for keeping hot drinks at the ideal temperature for an extended period of time. This allows customers to easily grab a cup and go whenever they please. These urns are particularly beneficial for catered events and convenience stores that want to offer freshly brewed coffee. Whether your guests need a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon boost, these coffee machine urns guarantee that their cup of coffee will always be hot. To create a popular coffee station, simply place some hot cups next to your coffee urn.

For weddings or sporting events, these commercial hot water urns are a great way to serve hot water and coffee throughout the day. They come in various sizes to ensure that you never run out of coffee during your event. The best part is that our coffee urns are easy to refill when they start running low. The convenient sight glass on the urn allows you to easily see how much coffee is left.

Nobody enjoys a lukewarm cup of coffee. That's why our brand-name coffee urns are insulated to keep drinks hot all day long. Their stainless steel design not only makes them visually appealing for upscale events, but also rust resistant. When your guests are in need of a warm beverage or an energy boost, all they have to do is place a cup under the nozzle and tilt the lever to dispense a comforting cup of coffee or hot water for their tea.

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