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Reusable Toaster Bags

Reusable Toaster Bags

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Pack quantity 5 150x 200mm


Too often, when serving toasted sandwiches to customers, service is slowed down by the need to extensively clean the contact grill or other appliance which is now covered with burned on cheese, butter or grease This, coupled with the threat of crumbs continuing to burn and contaminating other food with unpleasant smells or tastes, means it's essential to make your sandwiches in a more hygienic and simple way

These bags for slot toasters are designed for multiple uses and are durable and hardwearing Suitable for simple washing by hand or use in commercial dishwashers, each toaster bag is designed to be used 100 times These multiple use toaster bags are therefore an affordable and sensible way to serve toasted sandwiches quickly and easily With each packet also producing 500 toasted sandwiches, these non-disposable toaster bags are guaranteed to give an impressive ROI

Using these reusable toaster bags is also incredibly easy Simply construct your sandwich in the usual way, place inside the bag, and place in your toaster Most sandwiches will be perfect in just three minutes, but it's important to double check the precise time which your sandwiches cook inside these multiple use toaster bags

Cooking times can be influenced by everything from the ingredients which you use, the thickness of your sandwiches and the power of your toaster, meaning everyone's reusable toasting bags will be used slightly differently! Also safe for warming everything from pizza slices to pastries, these long life toaster bags are ideal for keeping your guests hunger at bay and reducing your reliance on microwaves and convection ovens

These sandwich toaster bags are perfect for a variety of cafes, coffee shops and teahouses which want to serve quick and simple toasties Retaining ingredients for more full and satisfying toasted sandwiches, these commercial toaster bags come in packs of five, each suitable for 100 uses

Product features

  • Dimensionsnbsp;150(H) x 200(W)mm
  • Weightnbsp;004kg
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Each bag can be used up to 100 times
  • One pack can toast 500 sandwiches
  • Easy to clean with soapy water
  • No more mess left behind or parts to clean after making each sandwich
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