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Brand: Kristallon

Oval Polypropylene Basket

Oval shaped polypropylene table basket which are suitable to be used in the microwave so this is...

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Disposable Cup Carry Trays 2 Cup

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Disposable Cup Carry Trays 2 Cup
  • Disposable Cup Carry Trays 2 Cup
  • Disposable Cup Carry Trays 2 Cup
  • Disposable Cup Carry Trays 2 Cup
2 Cup
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Help customers carry more drinks at once with these moulded pulp carry trays. Made from recycled paper pulp these trays are pressed into shape making them strong and durable. Ideal for hot and cold beverages the design helps to grip cups tightly preventing spillages and accidents. These trays are supplied in boxes of 360 and are capable of stacking neatly using minimal amounts of space.

Product features

  • Rigid for maximum strength
  • Holds 2 cups
  • Safe tight fit for cups
  • Box quantity 360
  • Capacity 2 Cups
  • Dimensions 0.35(H) x 0.23(W) x 0.23(D) mm
  • Material Recycled paper pulp

Product Details
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Data sheet

Recycled Paper
Capacity General
2 Cups
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